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Board of Directors

Atlantic Stewardship Bank and Stewardship Financial Corporation

For additional information regarding the Board of Directors, please visit our Investor Relations page.

Richard W. Culp, Chairman

Educational Management Consultant

Howard R. Yeaton, Vice Chairman

Managing Principal, Financial Consulting Strategies LLC

Wayne Aoki


William C. Hanse, Esq.

Of Counsel, Hanse Anderson LLP

Margo Lane

Director of Marketing and Sales, Collagen Matrix, Inc.

John C. Scoccola

Senior Manager of Global Engineering, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

John L. Steen

President, Steen Sales, Inc.

William J. Vander Eems

President, William Vander Eems, Inc.

Paul Van Ostenbridge

President and Chief Executive Officer

Stewardship Financial Corporation and Atlantic Stewardship Bank

Kim V. Vierheilig

Vice President, LAN Associates 

Michael A. Westra, Secretary

President and General Manager, Wayne Tile Company

New Business Development Boards

Members are appointed for a three-year term, during which they will promote the bank to individuals and businesses throughout the Bergen, Morris and Passaic County communities where the bank maintains branches.

Bergen New Business Development Board Members

William F. Gilsenan, Jr. - Chairman

Frank Baglieri, CPA

Steven Barlotta, CPA

J.T. Bolger

Richard Brady, Esq.

Linda A. Brock

William Cook

Frederic Farcy

William Haggerty, CPA

Christopher Heck

Bartel Leegwater

Edward Nieuwenhuis, Jr., DPM

Celine November, Esq.

Katrin Ramsey

Donald W. Reeder, Esq.

Kevin Sincavage

William Soodsma

Jeffrey R. Van Inwegen, M.D.

Morris New Business Development Board Members

William A. Monaghan III, Esq., Chairman of Morris & Passaic Boards

Benjamin Burton

David Chang

Joseph Daughtry

David Kahl

Joseph Lobozzo, Sr.

Lydia Ramos

Mark P. Van Grouw, CPA

Deborah Van Vugt

Abe Van Wingerden

Anita Van Wingerden

Kenneth Vander May

Michael Wolansky, CPA

Passaic New Business Development Board Members

Patrick Anderson, CPA, Esq.

Heidi L. Borst

Beatrice Davis

Ben Della Cerra

Robert Fylstra, CPA

Paul D. Heerema

Douglas Hoogerhyde, CPA

Donald G. Matthews, Esq.

Thomas Mizzone Jr., CPA

Mary Postma

George Schaaf

Ralph Wiegers


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