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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Each and every one of us needs to do our part to make sure that our online lives are kept safe and secure. That's what National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – observed in October – is all about! #NCSAM


ASB Announces New Leading Rate Account (LRA) - We recently introducted a new way to save with an alternative money market account earning the Fed Funds Rate. In the U.S., the federal funds rate is the interest rate at which depository institutions, like banks, lend reserve balances to other similar institutions overnight. In short, those institutions with surplus balances lend those balances to institutions in need of larger balances. The interest rate that the borrowing bank pays to the lending bank is negotiated and the weighted average of this rate across all such transactions is the “effective federal funds rate” (EFFR). The New York Federal Reserve EFFR is not controlled by ASB and it’s a terrific option for customers that do not want to lock into a rate when exploring a savings plan.

“In a great economy, the rate can soar to new heights,” said Paul Van Ostenbridge, President and CEO of Atlantic Stewardship Bank. “Our customers can now get both flexibility and a competitive rate of return in an investment that is truly a one-of-a-kind in the U.S. with a Leading Rate Account (LRA) from ASB.”

The LRA is yet another way to save as we continue to create new options for our customers. It’s what we do! Learn more about ASB’s new LRA by visiting ASBnow.com.


ASB Appoints Rahbar Ameri to Senior Vice President/SBA Director - Paul Van Ostenbridge, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Stewardship Bank, recently announced the appointment of Rahbar Ameri to Senior Vice President/Small Business Administration (SBA) Director. Mr. Ameri will manage ASB’s new SBA Department, which is a value-added lending solution for small businesses that do not meet traditional lending requirements. Mr. Ameri has over 25 years of banking experience including management, internal auditing, credit analysis and lending with a skilled background in commercial lending and expertise in SBA lending. In his new role as SBA Director, Mr. Ameri will be responsible for managing the entire SBA process, from establishing products and policies to cultivating, underwriting and closing loans for business customers.

Click here to learn more today!


The American Diabestes Association Honors Paul Van Ostenbrige, President of ASB, as Father of the Year! “Paul has been an exceptional leader in the banking industry as well as a wonderful father and grandfather,” said Michael Loftus, New Jersey ADA Board Member and Father of the Year Council Co-Chair.

“My grandmother and mother were diabetics and my brother-in-law was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was around 20 years old. I also have a first cousin who has the disease and as such, diabetes is something I am quite familiar with. However there is a tremendous difference today, to the positive, than what it was back when I first learned about my grandmother,” said Van Ostenbridge. “I believe the American Diabetes Association and its mission are to be credited for the advancements with diabetes and for bringing the education and information out to the public,” he added.

The Father of the Year proceeds will support the American Diabetes Association and its mission to prevent and cure diabetes, and to improve the lives of the nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States who have diabetes. “We would like to thank Atlantic Stewardship Bank for its generous donation of $25,000 and its commitment to our cause,” noted Tony Nunno, Manager of Development, New Jersey ADA.


One-On-One with Steve Adubato and Paul Van Ostenbridge -

Check out our One-On-One with Steve Adubato and let us know what you think! http://bit.ly/One-on-One2019_Ostenbridge


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