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A new way to save... introducing the L R A from A S B. A Money Market Account earning the Fed Funds Rate*

1.43% A P Y** Leading Rate Account

Flexibility and a competitive variable rate of return, earning the Fed Funds Rate

Creating more options for you. It's what we do.

*A S B's L R A Money Market Account earns the Fed Funds Rate. The A P Y may change at any time and A S B reserves the right to change the interest rate on your account accordingly. The interest rate on Tier 1 is the Effective Federal Funds Rate (E F F R). The E F F R is calculated as a volume-weighted median of overnight federal funds transactions reported in the F R 2 4 2 0 Report of Selected Money Market Rates. The New York Federal Reserve publishes the E F F R for the prior business day on the New York Federal Reserve's website at approximately 9:00 AM E S T. Business days are defined as any day of the work week other than holidays observed by the New York Fed. The Tier 1 interest rate will be changed with the prior day's E F F R. For example: On Tuesday, the New York Federal Reserve publishes Monday's E F F R. On Tuesday, Atlantic Stewardship bank will adjust the Tier 1 interest rate with Monday's E F F R, with an effective date of Tuesday. The Tier 1 Interest Rate, regardless of the E F F R, has an interest rate cap, or maximum, of 10.00%.

** Annual Percentage Yield (A P Y) effective as of 12/18/17. A S B's Leading Rate Account (L R A) is a variable rate money market account earning the Fed Funds Rate, not to exceed an interest rate of 10%. This account is restricted under Regulation D for Excessive Transactions; associated fees may apply. This is a tiered product with Tier 1: $0.01 - $250,000.00, directly earning the Fed Funds Rate. A S B may change the interest rate on this account at any time. Tier 2: $250,000.01 and higher, will be set at A S B's discretion with a blended A P Y. For example, Tier 2 blended A P Y may be from 1.43$ - 1.22% with an assumed balance of $300,000.00. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. The minimum to open this account is $0.01. You must maintain a minimum balance of $0.01 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed Annual Percent Yield. If the daily balance falls below $250,000.00 any time during the statement cycle, a $25.00 Monthly Maintenance Fee will be applied. One account per Tax Identification Number. Available for personal and business accounts. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.


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