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ASB Tithing Program

Beginning over three decades ago, the Board of Directors at Atlantic Stewardship Bank has shared 10% of the Bank’s taxable income annually with Christian and other local nonprofit organizations in our community. Our original founders incorporated this Tithing Program into our corporate by-laws and it continues to define our mission.

History of Tithing

Over $10.1 million has been given through the Bank’s unique Tithing Program since its inception. The recipients of these funds fall into three basic categories. We are pleased that the majority of tithe recipients maintain accounts at Atlantic Stewardship Bank. Their account relationships help the bank achieve its mission of tithing.

Each day, we see or hear about the positive impact that these fine groups have had in far corners of the world and in our own communities. We feel honored and truly blessed to be able to contribute to their good works with our financial assistance.

How It Works

Requests are received throughout the year and are reviewed by the board during the first quarter of each year. Although rewarding, this is a difficult task that requires prayerful consideration. There are so many organizations in need, and it is not possible to fund all of the requests. The board does not offer gifts in response to individual church requests and does not support individuals performing independent mission work.

The first category of tithe recipients is missions, including local and international mission programs. We support many inner-city mission programs that preach the Gospel and provide food, shelter, and career training. In addition, mission organizations that serve underprivileged nations with agricultural, educational, health assistance, and spiritual needs are supported.

The second category of tithe recipients is Christian schools. These educational facilities range from day care and preschool programs to grade school programs and extend through colleges.

The third category of tithe recipients is health care facilities. These include institutions such as Christian nursing homes, programs for those with special needs, and hospitals.

In addition, Atlantic Stewardship Bank offers financial support to the libraries, ambulance corps, fire departments, and civic organizations that are local to the bank’s branch offices.


A list of some past recipients of the Bank’s Tithing Program have been included on our website for your information. You can read additional information about these outstanding Christian and local nonprofit civic organizations by clicking on the featured links. Watch a video to see what our tithe recipients have to say about our Tithing Program or watch this video, from one of our tithe recipients, to see how they are bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope! 

We invite you to establish a banking relationship with us as each account is very important to us. As the Bank grows, so does our ability to share our profits with Christian and other local nonprofit organizations. For further information, please email us.

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