Business Online Banking

The Business Online Banking system is a secure, password-protected area within the Atlantic Stewardship Bank website. Business Online Banking allows businesses to perform a variety of cash management tasks.


This area offers a full suite of administrative functions including end user maintenance, activity reporting, balance alerts, account maintenance, password modification, and the inactivity timeout setting. Each company selects an administrator who will have access to all of the Administration options.

  • User Maintenance – Allows access to User Profile Maintenance and User Profile Approval/Activity.
  • Activity Reporting – Allows the user to define criteria and select information from available transaction logs for reporting purposes, or download the information for use in another application.
  • Balance Alerts - Allows the user to specify conditions by defining unique criteria for individual accounts, and then set the system to send an email message when an account reaches a specified monetary level.
  • Account Maintenance – Allows the user to assign a more descriptive name to any of the available accounts.
  • Login Credentials – Allows the user to change the company password, change a user password, Enhanced Login Security, maintain security questions.
  • Change User Preferences – Allows the user to customize their system settings.
  • Change Timeout – Allows the user to set the time limit after which a “timeout” occurs and the end user must log in again.

Account Services

The Account Services menu provides access to account management functions.

Stop Payments

  • Add Stop Payment – Allows the user to enter a stop payment request on a single check.
  • Stop Payment Activity – Allows the user to view stop payment transaction activity.

Balance Reporting

The Balance Reporting function gives the user an overview of all account information and also provides the means to see details and to filter the overview by account and activity type. This function also allows the user to view account histories and check images.

  • Account Summary – Provides the user complete information at a glance and also provides access to Account Details (record of activity) for each account, loan and investment.
  • Create Reports – Lets the user create report definitions, specifying which accounts and what types of activity are to be displayed.
  • Run Selected Report – Allows the user to display a filtered version of the Account Summary page, based on the report definition.

Funds Transfer

The Funds Transfer menu provides the user with options for the following services:

  • Book Transfers - This feature allows the user to move funds between Atlantic Stewardship Bank accounts. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day, a date in the future or on a recurring basis.
  • Wire Transfer - This feature allows the user to wire funds to accounts at other financial institutions. Wire Transfers can be scheduled for the current day or (if applicable) a date in the future. Pending wire transfers can be reviewed and deleted.
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House Origination) – This feature allows the user to create ACH files and submit them to their financial institution.
  • Bill Pay - Atlantic Stewardship Bank Business Online Bill Pay allows you to pay bills online; add, edit or delete a payee (the entity that receives the payment); check to see if a payment has cleared; and email the electronic bill payment service provider.

Online Services

All Online Services are account-specific; the user must have Balance Reporting capability on an account in order to use any Online Services with that account.

  • Photocopy Requests – This function allows the user to request a photocopy of a check or account statement to be delivered via a choice of methods.
  • Online Statements – This function allows the user to enroll in Atlantic Stewardship Bank E-Statements. Once enrolled, the user has the ability to view up to 12 months of E-Statements.


This secure e-mail service within Business Online Banking provides a direct link between your business and Atlantic Stewardship Bank.


This function allows the user to access the Help content for Business Online Banking.


Please contact your local Branch Manager to enroll in Business Online Banking.

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