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Use this calculator to determine if Remote Deposit Capture would be right for your business. Enter information about your current check depositing process into the cells provided, and use the "Tab" key to advance to the next cell until the final calculations appear in the orange boxes at the bottom.

In-Person Deposits

Step 1

Employee Annual Salary

Step 2

Trip/fuel information
Enter Trip Time in minutes
Current Fuel Cost per Gallon
Average MPG
Round Trip Distance in Miles

Step 3

Enter number of trips
Trips Per Week

Weekly Fuel Cost
Weekly Time Cost
Total Cost Per Month

Remote Deposit Capture

6 Months FREE


Conveniently scan checks from your desktop using a certified scanner and transmit the images to ASB for deposit.

Total Cost Per Month: $65*

Other things to consider:

  1. Bad weather.
  2. Liability of sending employees to the bank
  3. If deposit is lost or stolen, your account information as well as your client's account information is exposed.

All images are archived for two years.

*After six months, monthly fee of $50.00 plus $15.00 per month for the scanner. Customers may use their own scanner to avoid the monthly scanner fee.

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