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At ASB, we are committed to providing you with a rewarding financial relationship; including a checking account and online services as well as other banking solutions because that is what you deserve. Quite simply, it is what we do to differentiate ourselves and how we remain faithful to our customers!

ASB Tithing Program

Beginning three decades ago, the Board of Directors at Atlantic Stewardship Bank began sharing 10% of the Bank's pre-taxable income annually with Christian, local nonprofit organizations and other civic groups in our community. Our original founders incorporated this Tithing Program into our corporate by-laws and it continues to define our mission today.

Since its inception, over $8.8 million has been given through our unique Tithing Program. We are thrilled that the majority of tithe recipients maintain accounts at Atlantic Stewardship Bank. Their account relationships help us achieve our mission of tithing because as the Bank grows, so does our ability to share our profits with Christian and other local nonprofit organizations.

Each day, we see or hear about the positive impact that these fine groups have had in far corners of the world and in our own communities. We feel honored and truly blessed to be able to contribute to their good works with our financial assistance.

What are the benefits of opening a Peachtree Checking account at ASB?

Our Peachtree account is a personal, non-interest bearing checking account dedicated just for you! The benefit of opening our Peachtree account is that you will be provided with the added convenience of having access to electronic services like a debit card, online banking and electronic statements.

There are no minimum balance requirements, though a $5.00 paper statement fee does apply. However, Peachtree Checking account holders can sign up for our E-Statement service to have electronic statements for free!

With our Peachtree Checking, you can choose to add the services you want when you need them, such as:

As a customer of Atlantic Stewardship Bank, you have access to other account offerings, as well as, your Peachtree Checking account. The details for those account options will be available to you after you open your Peachtree Checking account by clicking "Apply Now" below.

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At Atlantic Stewardship Bank, we remain faithful to our customers!

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