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Company Name:     Tax ID:     EIN SSN
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Branch of Account:     E-Mail Address:
Business Type: Corporation Sole Proprietorship Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Partnership Unincorporated Association Municipality/BOE
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Other


Business Online Banking includes the following services: access to accounts, view check and deposit slip images, initiate internal funds transfers, loan payments & stop payments, indicate additional services below, if desired. Note that additional fees and documentation requirements may apply.

Wire Transfer Add       Delete
Initiate domestic and foreign wire transfer online, Create templates, set limits, allow for additional approval by an administrator/other employee. Foreign wire transfer recipient must first be approved by the Bank before it can be initiated online. Schedule future-dated or recurring wire transfers.
Online Bill Payment for Business Add       Delete
Pay bills online. Set-up payees and vendors, schedule future-dated or recurring payments, include invoice and/or memo information on each "check" payment, create e-mail reminders and obtain payment history, generate custom summary and detail reports.
ACH Origination Add       Delete
Originate ACH payments or receipts, including payroll direct deposit. Generate ACH individual entries, or upload NACHA formatted files to the Bank. Requires ACH Origination Application and Agreement. Additional fees apply.
Third-Party File Upload Service Add       Delete
Available to third-party service providers for uploading ACH or other files to the bank.


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Primary User (Company Administrator)*
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Mother's Maiden Name:     DOB:
* Company Administrator indicated above is the primary user on the online banking system and has rights to all accounts and services indicated on this application. The Company Administrator is responsible for creating additional users (if desired) and assigning users' rights.


Accounts* (for additional accounts, attach a separate sheet)

Account Number Account Name Account Type Account Access Level** Primary Account

* Unless otherwise provided for under a separate authorization agreement, the accounts listed must be under the same name and ownership as the company indicated on the application.

** Access Level For primary Account must be set to FULL ACCESS. Internal fund transfers, wire transfers and stop payments require FULL ACCESS. VIEW & DEPOSIT permits transfers into the account only. VIEW ONLY does not permit any transfers or stop payments into or out of the Account.

***Unless otherwise indicated, the first account listed above will serve as the Primary Account for this Business Online Banking profile. This account will be assessed any fees (if applicable) related to online banking services, unless otherwise indicated under separate agreement.


*I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I am authorized under the attached resolution to act on behalf of this company, group, association or organization. In addition, I acknowledge receipt of and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Business Online Banking Agreement.